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Updating list of OSG members' skills and capabilities

To help run the Group and arrange our exhibitions for the benefit of all our members, it’s very useful to know the range of tasks to which you could contribute to from time to time. We all benefit from the Group, and especially from exhibitions, so it’s right that the effort should be widely shared. It’s your Group and it doesn’t run itself!

We have kept such a list for some time, but it needs refreshing. Examples of the tasks we always need help with are:

• Assisting other members with heavy work at set-up and take-down

• Assisting with managing set-up and take-down days, which stretch our resources

• Helping set out the exhibits before shows

• Managing our stock of plinths, including re-painting before shows

• Social media and marketing, including press

• Joining our Steering Group to run OSG - help always welcome!

• Identifying new venues for exhibitions

• Managing an exhibition

• Doing sculpture demonstrations at exhibitions

• IT, including point of sale equipment

• Any other experience or skill which you think might be useful.

It would be really helpful if you would reply to the group administrator identifying which tasks from the list above you could help with, adding any others which you think might be useful. Note, if you offer to help, the amount of time you put in is always up to you.

This list is maintained by John Nicholls (member of the OSG Steering Group) and used as a resource when planning OSG exhibitions and events.

Thanks in anticipation.


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