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Please review our Frequently Asked Questions below before getting in touch. 


If you can't find the information you are looking for, feel free to contact us directly. 


  • I am an independent sculptor and I would like to join the group. How do I go about it?
    Detailed joining instructions are provided on the New Members Information page.
  • I have seen a piece of sculpture at an exhibition and I would like to buy it. What is the best way to contact the sculptor?
    If you know the name of the artist, please have a look at the Artists Page to find their individual page, which contains their contact details. If you cannot recall the name of the artist, but know which exhibition included the sculpture, please contact us for a list of members who exhibited there. You can then browse through the pages of those artists, to confirm the identity of the maker, and find their contact details. If you cannot remember which exhibition it was either, having a look through the Events archive might jog your memory!
  • I bought a sculpture from an artist in the group a few years ago. It has been on display in my garden for several years and now needs a bit of a clean. What should I do?
    Detailed cleaning and other procedures for various types of sculpture are provided on the Owning Sculpture page.
  • I saw a sculpture I liked at an exhibition last year, but have only recently become able to buy it. If it's still available, should I still pay the original exhibition organiser's commission, or can I buy it cheaper now directly from the artist?"
    The Oxford Sculptors Group has strict ethics regarding this subject. If this situation occurs with a 3 month period after the exhibition then the artist has an obligation to pay the exhibitors commission. After that period it is at the artists discretion. However, most artists DO NOT discount their work for direct sales, as this destabilizes the market place. Discounts are normally only agreed where multiple items are ordered at the same time.
  • I am a professional sculptor and teacher with many years of experience, and I would like to pass on some of my knowledge to members of the group. How should I go about it?"
    The Oxford Sculptors Group would welcome this type of contribution. We could offer to promote a teaching workshop, circulate your information to members, or add your details to our list of Associates. Please contact us to discuss this proposal further.
  • I am considering taking up sculpture full-time, and would like to gain some more knowledge and experience. Do any members of the group offer regular classes in techniques that might help my development?"
    Please see the Associates page or contact us to circulate your request to all group members.
  • I am looking for studio space to continue my practice. Do any members of the group have space available to share, or do they have any suggestions as to who I might contact?"
    Please contact us to circulate your request to all group members.
  • I saw a sculpture by an artist I like at an exhibition several years ago, but I can't remember where it was!"
    The Events archive contains a list of past exhibitions, which may help to jog your memory!
  • I am retiring from making sculpture, and have some equipment I would like to sell. What is the best way to offer it to group members?"
    Please contact us to circulate your offers to all group members.
  • I have seen a sculpture by a group member, that I would like to buy, but it is too big and heavy for me to transport it home. What should I do?"
    In the first instance please contact the artist who should be able to provide a solution or recommend suitable contractors. Contact details are available on the individual artists pages. If no solution can be found this way, please contact us to see if we can help.
  • I run a business selling art supplies, and would like to advertise and offer a discount to group members. What's the best way to go about it?"
    If you wish to offer a discount to members, you are welcome to request an entry in our Business partners section. Please contact us with a brief description of your product range or service, together with contact details and a website link. Your offering will also be fully documented in the members-only Members area section.
  • I am interested in the benefits of joining the group, but I do not live in Oxford or Oxfordshire. Does this prevent me from joining?"
    Originally the group concentrated on artists from that area. However, as people move we have extended the catchment area to the whole of the British Isles (and even overseas). Currently we have members from a wide range of areas. Please contact us to discuss your situation.
  • I am considering running a sculpture exhibition on my property next year, and would like to invite the group to exhibit. What's the best way for me to contact the members?"
    Please contact us with details of your venue, ideas and dates and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities, and make arrangements to involve the members of the group.
  • I have seen red spots on sculptures at exhibitions. What do they mean?
    The use of red spots at exhibitions is explained on the Buying sculpture page.
  • When is the next public exhibition by the group?
    A full list of current and upcoming exhibitions is shown on the Events page.
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