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Spetchley Park Summer Exhibition

The deadline for the Spetchley Summer Exhibition is 20th July. This exhibition has both indoor and outdoor spaces. Artists may enter up to 5 sculptures for indoor display and up to 7 sculptures for outdoor display. Entry fees are £5.00 per sculpture.

Artists are not required to steward at the exhibition as sales will be handled by an OSG representative based in the indoor display area each day throughout the exhibition.

Security has been upgraded at this venue. A CCTV system has been installed, covering all entrances and areas of the gardens themselves. The CCTV images are accessible in real time 24 hrs a day to both the Spetchley Park Office and resident staff via mobile phone.

If you are planning to enter this exhibition and have not already done so, please aim to submit your on-line applications in good time before the deadline.

Below here is a reminder of the on-line application process. If you have any questions about the application process, please click the “Contact” button on the OSG website, or email directly to and I can help to get your applications submitted.

Instructions for making an on-line Exhibition application

• Log in to the Members Area on the OSG website at this link:

• Click on "Exhibition Info".

• Click on "Application Forms". Scroll to the bottom of the page to see "Greys Court" in the Open for Application box

• Click on the 2 tabs: "Application Form" and "Terms and Conditions". These 2 clicks will open a separate web page for each item.

• Read the Terms and Conditions page. Here you will see information about the exhibition that will help you in filling out the other two forms.

• Go to the Application Form page and complete in full for each sculpture to be entered. Upload an image of the sculpture into the box on the form. Make sure you add your initials to indicate you can accept the Terms and Conditions. Press "Submit" when finished. Click the Application Form tab and complete again for further entries.


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