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Spetchley Park Gardens 2021 - call for submissions

As announced on the 12th February 2021, the Oxford Sculptors Group exhibition at Spetchley Park Gardens will proceed this year as planned, running from Wednesday 18th August to Sunday 19th September 2021. Please therefore take this as a formal call for submissions to the exhibition.

The Exhibition Manager for this year will be member Daren Greenhow, assisted by Nigel Williams and Carol Orwin. Any offers of assistance from other members, either with administration, publicity or onsite will of course be welcome.

As previously stated, all of this is dependent on the successfull execution of Covid-19 vaccinations programs, and the government guidelines & rules in place at the time. Announcements will be made if anything changes in this regard which is likely to significantly affect the planning, execution & operation of the exhibition.

The submissions process (including supplying image files) will again be undertaken online, via the Group website.

To submit work, please follow this link, which will take you to the Terms & Conditions page for the exhibition. Please read through these carefully before proceeding to the Application Form page (which should be run through once for each work being submitted - up to a maximum of 5). Please take care to read all instructions and guidance offered. In particular, ensure that your image files fit the documented specification - files larger than the specification are likely to cause your entry to go missing. Please pause between entries - in some circumstances (slow internet, large files, etc) the confirmation message can be displayed before the file upload is complete, causing a subsequent submission to overwrite the preceding one.

Stewarding is not required as a condition of entry to this exhibition, but any members who would like to spend time helping out during the exhibition will be very welcome - please let the Exhibition Manager know in advance if you plan to participate.

Please note that Set-up and Takedown dates must be adhered to, since neither the Group nor the venue have any storage facilities.

Good luck with the exhibition!


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