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Spetchley Park Exhibition 2024 - REVISED TERMS & CONDITIONS

The Terms & Conditions for the exhibition at Spetchley Park Gardens this year have been revised. Here is summary of the key changes:

  • Stewarding is no longer a condition of entry. Spetchley Park Gardens staff will now handle all sales on behalf of OSG.

  • Exhibition extended until Sunday 29th September, with take-down now on Monday 30th September between 10.30 and 12 noon.

  • Indoor exhibition in the Welcome Centre. All visitors must pass through this building to enter the gardens and it is always manned by Spetchley Park staff during opening times.

In view of these changes to the Terms & Conditions, Applications are now reopened with a new deadline for entries of Saturday 22nd June. See below here for further information about how to access the Terms and Conditions and submitting your entries.

Exhibition Details

LOCATION: Spetchley Park Gardens, Spetchley, Worcester WR5 1RS.


Deadline for applications: Friday 22nd June

Acceptance confirmed by: Monday 8th July

Set-up: Monday 12th August, between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm

Exhibition start: Wednesday 14th August

Exhibition end: Sunday 29th September

Take-down: Monday 30th September, between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm

Further details about the exhibition can be found in the exhibition Terms and Conditions which you can assess from the Application Forms page on the website.


  • Log in to the Members Area on the OSG website.

  • Click on "Exhibition Info".

  • Click on "Application Forms". Scroll to the bottom of the page to see "Spetchley Park 2024" in the Open for Application box

  • Click on the associated "Application Form" and "Terms and Conditions" to bring up the forms and the Terms and Conditions on 2 separate windows/web pages.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions web page. Here you will see information about the exhibition that will help you in filling out the forms, e.g. maximum number of entries, the type of exhibition space, stewarding requirements, etc.

  • Go to the Application Form web page and complete in full for each sculpture to be entered. Upload an image of the sculpture into the box on the form. Make sure you add your initials to indicate that you accept the Terms and Conditions. Press "Submit" at the bottom of the form when finished.

  • Open and complete the blank Application Form again for further entries

Please email the Group Administrator if you have any questions about the Spetchley Park Exhibition or the application process


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