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OSG taking payments via GoCardless


You were recently advised that the OSG was moving towards adopting the GoCardless Direct Debit system for the collection of memberships fees. We can also use this for payment of Entry Fees to our Exhibitions. This means that in future you will no longer need to make payments yourself; all will be sorted out for you.

There have been a couple of concerns raised about the system, but can I reassure you all that you are fully protected. GoCardless operates under the General Data Protection Regulations (as do the OSG) so your details are perfectly safe. In addition, should there be any issues with incorrect payments then you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme which means that you will be fully refunded. In fact, the payments you will make under GoCardless are regulated by the same rules as those for more common direct debit payments such as your energy bills, council tax, insurance premiums and so on.

In order to set this up, the OSG will be sending you an email in the next few days. This will contain a link at the bottom of the email. Click upon this and you will be asked to complete some basic details about yourself and your Bank account. Again, the details about the Bank account that you give are no more than you would have on your debit card or cheque book. Please complete this link as soon as possible after receiving it as the link is time sensitive. You are then set up on the system.

Finally, there is one more thing you need to do if you are currently paying by Standing Order. PLEASE CANCEL THIS STRAIGHTAWAY, otherwise next year you will pay twice for your membership.

Many thanks in advance for doing this.


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