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OSG Favoured Suppliers

OSG group have negotiated for discounts of 5% to 15% with a number of suppliers and now Ian Wells Sculpture Moulding has been added to the list, with a 10% discount on 2023 prices for OSG members.

Ian Wells provides a one to one cold cure moulding and casting service for artists, offering resin casting in bronze, copper, aluminium, Bath/Portland stone, white marble and iron. Ian also has good contacts with bronze foundries.

The suppliers currently offering discounts to OSG members are listed below here and further details about the suppliers, the discounts on offer and how to obtain them can be found on the OSG website here.

If you think that there are other suppliers that could potentially be approached about a discount for OSG members, please let us know and our Coordinator for Favoured Suppliers can follow up on behalf of the Group.


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