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OSG Exhibition opportunities in September 2022

We have the opportunity to show at two new venues:

  • Sandown Park Contemporary Arts Show. 23rd – 25th September 2022

  • Blenheim Palace Autumn Festival. 29th September – 3rd October 2022

We are seeking your views on this. The committee believe that it will be difficult for the members to do both exhibitions in addition to the Spetchley Park second summer exhibition, so we would like you to say which, or both exhibitions you might wish to do. Please see below here for further details about the two additional venues.

Please reply to the to indicate your wishes regarding these exhibitions by 30th APRIL:

  1. I would prefer Sandown

  2. I would prefer Blenheim

  3. I would prefer to do both

  4. I am unlikely to do either

The Sandown Contemporary Art Show will have a commission of 30%, which will include the OSG component to cover credit card use etc, plus £10.00 per item submitted.

The exhibition would be in the foyer, which is a large space (4-5x bigger than the Cromwellian at Greys Court). If we exhibited here, we would probably need to cluster plinths of different sizes.

  • Security looked very good, e.g. people were asked by staff to show receipts when leaving with art work.

  • Publicity – OSG would get a whole page to describe the sculpture exhibition in the glossy brochure for the art fair.

Particular issues for this venue:

  • Plinths. Artists would need to provide these and with a range of sizes.

  • This is an art fair, so buyers expect to take purchases away with them. We would need to manage storage and replacement of work during the show.

  • Stewarding levels. We would probably need 4 stewards each of the 3 days to manage the space and the sales

  • Demanding organization for OSG for a two-and-a-half day show.

  • The commission is high.

  • Dates (23-25th September) would clash with Blenheim, if we go ahead with this.

The Blenheim Palace Autumn Festival will have a low commission (not yet fixed but probably 10%) and a submission fee of £5.00 per entry and would require a stewarding commitment of one full day.

This is a family focused event with activities including music, theater, face painting, etc. The typical number of visitors during the festival is about 4000 per day in good weather and about 1200 per day in wet weather. A sculpture trial map is provided to visitors. Twelve OSG members exhibited 30 sculptures here last year. All the artists who exhibited their work that responded to Keith’s request for information said they would be happy to show there again.

The Festival theme this year is to be Environment and Insects and Blenheim will be looking for sculptures fitting this theme.

The event will run 29th Sept to 3rd Oct, with sculpture set up and few days before and potentially staying in place beyond the Festival itself.

Given that Spetchley second exhibition takes down 18th September and Sandown could be the following weekend, it is looking unfeasible for OSG members to cover both Sandown and Blenheim. Please let us know by return which show(s) you are in favor of.


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