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OSG at the Leander Club (HAT) – Applications Open

Just a reminder that the on-line OSG APPLICATION FORM will be open on the OSG website from Saturday 13th January and will close on the 26th January. There is a reminder about how to complete the application forms below here. Please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly as there is a lot of important information here about the exhibition.

Please note that if you are planning to submit work, please can you also complete the HAT ARTISTS FORM (some of you may already have received this request from HAT directly). Information about filling in this form is given just below here. Although the HAT selection procedure will not have been completed until the early part of next month, please can you comply with the request. When you come to identify the venue, please put “Leander Club”.


We urgently need all artists to fill in the Artist Form. This will allow us to create a comprehensive Artist Directory on the HAT Website and a strong social media campaign. Deadline 26th January.

If artists miss the deadline then they will not be listed in the leaflet, or on the website and their work won’t be included in social media.


  • Log in to the on the OSG website Members Home

  • Click on "Exhibition Info".

  • Click on "Application Forms". Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the form for HAT Leander Club in the Open for Application box

  • Click on the associated "Application Form" and "Terms and Conditions" to bring up the forms and the Terms and Conditions on 2 separate windows/web pages.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions web page. Here there is information about the exhibition that will help you in filling out the application form, e.g. number of entries you can make, describing your work, commission levels, etc.

  • Go to the Application Form web page and complete in full for each sculpture to be entered. Upload an image of the sculpture into the box on the form.

  • Make sure you add your initials to indicate that you accept the Terms and Conditions. Press "Submit" at the bottom of the form when finish.

  • Open and complete the blank Application Form again for further entries. If you are entering unique pieces for indoor display, remember to complete a form for each of the replacement sculptures.

Please reply to this email ( if you have any questions about the exhibition or the application process.

Keith Appleby, OSG Exhibition Manger


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