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Exhibition at Greys Court 2021 - call for submissions

As announced on the 20th January 2021, the Oxford Sculptors Group exhibition at Greys Court is expected to proceed in 2021.

Please therefore regard this as the formal call for submissions to the exhibition, which will now be running for the fourth year in 2021 (after being cancelled for 2020), for a newly-extended period from Saturday 12th June to Sunday 18th July.

The exhibition will be managed again this year by the team of John Nicholls, Keith Appleby, Dawn Harris, Ros Read and Martin Lorenz, with assistance from Nigel Williams, John Penrose, and Carol Orwin.

As previously stated, all of this is dependent on the successfull execution of Covid-19 vaccinations programs, and the government guidelines & rules in place at the time. Announcements will be made if anything changes in this regard which is likely to significantly affect the planning, execution & operation of the exhibition.

Even with the best outcome, It is likely that some Covid-related restrictions are still in place at the time of the exhibition, and the Group and the National Trust are actively taking these into consideration. This may result in a number of detailed changes to how the exhibition might be set up and operated, but it is believed a practical and successfull exhibition is still viable under these conditions.

The submission process this year will be online, using the system successfully employed for the Group's exhibition at Spetchley in 2020.

To submit work, please follow this link, which will take you to the Terms & Conditions page for the exhibition. Please read through these carefully before proceeding to the Application Form page (which should be run through once for each work being submitted).

During this system's first use for Spetchley in 2020, there were one or two hiccups resulting in either work being submitted twice or work missing. There can be a short delay whilst uploading your image file (especially if you have a slow Internet connection), and it's likely that these hiccups resulted from either not waiting for the confirmation screen to be displayed after hitting the 'Submit work' button, or entering new details without hitting the button. Please therefore take care to read all instructions and guidance offered.

It is a requirement of entry to this exhibition to act as exhibition steward. Full details are supplied on the Terms & Conditions page, but you will need to obtain the Stewarding Rota Form from the Document repository page of the Group website. Your completed Form showing your available dates should be emailed to Dawn Harris.

Please note that Set-up and Takedown dates must be adhered to, since neither the Group nor the venue have any storage facilities.


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