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Discount code for Tiranti and PotteryCrafts

Tiranti, one of OSG’s favoured suppliers, merged with PotteryCrafts, a kiln manufacturer and ceramics material supplier, and the business was relocated to Stoke on Trent, in the heart of the potteries. Tiranti still aims to provide an extensive range of tools, materials and equipment for carving, modelling, mould making and casting alongside the range of products offered by PotteryCrafts.

OSG members can access a 10% discount when they order on line or over the phone from either Tiranti or PotteryCrafts by using the following discount code: OXS23.

Note: this code is valid for 2023 and will be refreshed annually.

For more details about the products available from these suppliers, please visit their websites:

For details of other supplier discounts available to OSG members, please see Favoured Suppliers


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