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Sculpture trail at Blenheim Palace

Sculpture Trail at Blenheim Palace

Last year a few OSG artists exhibited their work as part of a sculpture trail at Blenheim Palace in the walled garden. This year we have been invited to participate at Blenheim again on a slightly more formal basis during their Autumn Festival 2022. The broad theme of the festival is ‘The Environment’, with a particular focus on the insect population, although the broader areas of wildlife, woodland and waterways will be equally significant.

OSG has the opportunity to create a sculpture trail in a collaborative venture with the organisers at Blenheim. It is an ideal opportunity to highlight your work and to get it in front of the large numbers of people that will be attending the festival over 4 days.

The plan for Blenheim 2022 sculpture trail is to set up the work on the 19th September, directly following on from the Spetchley take down this same day, and take down from Blenheim on the 3rd October. It is unlikely that OSG exhibitors would be required to steward and there will be a very small commission applied to sales.

IMPORTANT: We are initially seeking expressions of interest from OSG members who would like to exhibit their sculpture as part of ‘The Environment’ theme at this prestigious location. This is to gage the viability of this event for OSG. If you wish to be involved with this Blenheim sculpture trail, please e-mail Jacqui at by the end of June to register your interest.

The text below gives you some idea of the festival and its aims and there is already some information available on the Blenheim Palace website here: Autumn Festival | 28th September - 2nd October (


Harvest is the perfect time to come together with our community and share the enterprising projects at Blenheim and across the region, including initiatives to support declining bee and insect populations, woodland renewal and clean waterways alongside many others that look to an exciting, sustainable future.

Our Michaelmas Market will be welcoming 50 independent traders from across the county alongside artisanal food stalls that celebrate the new “no-dig” regenerative farming plot in the Walled Garden.

Social enterprise brewery Tap Social will be running the bar with a focus on unusual non-alcoholic beverages as well as delicious local beers, ciders and the Blenheim gin created by local distillery Sky Wave. A host of super fun games, local music, entertainments and activities for all ages will make Autumn Fest a highlight event of the year


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