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Artists’ information on OSG website and where it is used

Two important points here about your artists’ information on the OSG website and where it may be used.

As part of your membership, you can have your individual Artist’s Page set up on the OSG website by a professional web designer. This is a great opportunity to promote your work, as these web pages will be picked up by people (potential customers) searching for your name on the internet. This facility is available to all members. The individual Artists pages for those members who have already supplied information are presented as “Featured Artists” on the “Artists” page on the OSG website.

If you have not already done so, please consider providing information for the OSG website about yourself and your work and for those who have done this already, you are welcome to update or refresh your information.

You can send your Artist information to be uploaded to the website via an on-line form by following these steps:

Log in to the Members area on the OSG website.

Click on Artists’ Profile Page. This takes you to an on-line form.

Fill out this form with your information and photos

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form and the webmaster will then create your on-line page.

IMPORTANT - The second point concerns where the artist’s information you have provided to OSG may be used. Specifically, Greys Court have asked if they may copy some of the artist information presented on the OSG website into publicity material for the 2022 Greys Court exhibition.

Please respond to this email to indicate whether or not you would be happy for Greys Court to do this.

In addition, Greys Court would like to include quotes from the exhibiting artists in publicity material for the 2022 exhibition. They would like to know your thoughts on:

Why you like to exhibit at Greys Court

How the garden setting here adds to/interacts with your work

If you would like your name and views to feature in the exhibition publicity material, please return your quotes, along with your confirmation that you are happy for Greys Court to copy your Artist information from the OSG website.


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