Sue trained as a fine artist specialising in fashion and fabrics and for many years taught the subjects to A level students. Sue has always been interested in form and appearance and insists that her work as a sculptor has benefited from her fashion experience and understanding that any piece of her work has to work on a multi- dimensional basis. The appearance from all sides has to enhance the inherent beauty of the raw material - be it a piece of fabric, a piece of seasoned wood or piece of stone weathered by the elements.

Texture and grain are of critical importance in the composition of a piece of work and Sue works with the material to highlight the natural qualities that the material already possesses. Working with the material to shape and enhance the natural qualities is Sue’s philosophy and her work illustrates a real appreciation of the fact that even before she starts her raw material has a beauty that has to be respected.

Unlike many sculptors Sue positively encourages viewers to feel her work. She is disappointed if her work doesn’t inspire you to run your hands over the surface to feel the shape, smoothness, coolness and be surprised that one piece of material can illustrate so many textural qualities. One of her key interests is to work with stone and produce different surface finishes by using different carving, polishing and finishing techniques.

A particular interest was in the figurative form of the people of Africa and the Caribbean. This interest was down to the unique bone structure which made for dramatic carvings.

For several years Sue also explored the use of other materials along with mould making and casting and turned her attention to portraits and animals.

In more recent years she has returned to carving in stone and in particular slate.

Sue Bains

Sue Bains

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