This year I find that my inspiration remain the same, nature and beautiful curves shapes and movement you find everywhere as you look at this world we inhabit, but I have had to come up with some new ways of working as my body keeps reminding me Im older than I used to be.

I have been developing new pieces which are still large in scale but made up of small elements which singly are light and easier to manipulate.

I have again been inspired by the movement of water and created a piece called Falling water which I have tried not to cross the line with and move in to water features, you decide?

Creating large scale kinetic pieces which please me is what I do best and always result in them having a calm and natural feel which it seems others also find appealing.

I have started work on some new pieces for 2022 one is involving many dozens of flying butterfly's so keep an eye out and see what the finished work turns out like.

Hopefully 2022 will see us all working out how to live a new normal as we live with the various challenges thrown at us and we can all get out and about to exhibitions and shows again

Richard Cresswell

Richard Cresswell

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