Peter Nava’s work includes both stylised figurative and abstract stone sculptures. His preference is to carve English and French limestones and alabaster. He practises direct carving by hand, choosing not to use maquettes or drawings and sculpting freely in a process of discovery.
Peter particularly enjoys working with reclaimed stone from ancient or historical buildings or stone surplus to restoration projects or once worked before by an unknown stone-mason and probably with the same simple tools. He uses power tools infrequently.

He is most inspired by the sculpture from early civilisations and mediaeval church carvings because of the apparent but illusory simplicity and sometimes serenity of their creations.

After retirement from a medical career Peter’s pursuit of learning to sculpting took off. He began to sculpt stylised figurative pieces while generally ignore his medical knowledge of the human form.

Peter finds the creation of sculptures by destroying the existing façade of the stone and extracting new form to be fulfilling and challenging.

He has exhibited sculptures at:
• Kingham Lodge 2018
• the 2018 Open Rugby Art Gallery and Museum exhibition held in 2019
• the Mall Galleries, London in the Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition 2019
• Spetchley Park, Worcestershire 2020 (the Oxford Sculptors Group)
• The Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury, Wiltshire 2021 (the Cotswold Sculptors Association)
• The Broadway Arts Festival Open Art Competition Selling Exhibition, Worcestershire 2021.
• Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire 2021 (the Cotswold Sculptors Association).
• Spetchley Park, Worcestershire 2021 (the Oxford Sculptors Group).