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Paul Burton

After a long and successful global career in the mining supply industry I have now returned to my first love of contemporary sculpture. My art has been influenced by my experiences working around the world in the mineral extraction industries. Spending time living and working in the Gobi Desert, the wildernesses of Siberia, Yakutia in Russia and Saskatoon in Canada, the cities and provinces of India, China, and above the arctic circle in Spitsbergen.

My unique steel slate and glass creations are inspired from the earth’s resources and look to incorporate my “Earthlight” sculptures back into the landscape.

My home and garden in rural Worcestershire is a great setting for my work. The Kenswick Manor west wing garden designed and constructed by multi Chelsea gold garden designer Peter Dowle provides an excellent backdrop to my Art.

This Earthlight range of work is a statement in the debate on the resource management of our planet. Earthlights placed in the landscape with an aspect to the rising or setting sun, question that our world would be a very different place to live without the mineral extraction that has contributed to our modern lives.

Everything we consume is from the earth (mined, grown or from the ocean). Without mining for example there would be no trains, planes, automobiles, Internet, computers, phones, no cancer scanners or man on the moon, but it has come at a cost.

These Earthlight pieces are from the earth; slate, silica, steel, lead, crystal et al. They display the earth’s bounty in a beautiful and powerful way, but at the same time providing a portal or a lens for us to consider the impact on the environment.



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