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Juliette Derwent

I am a keen gardener (RHS Level 2 qualified) and always on the lookout for decorations for the garden as well as plants ! I started creating glass items to add to my collection and got hooked – glass is highly addictive !

I am hugely inspired by nature and natural materials – the fact that glass is made from sand is nothing short of a miracle ! I am also inspired by light and colour and I think the most wonderful thing about glass is the variety of colour options and I genuinely think glass pieces look at their best outside with the light shining through…..

I have attended a number of glass art courses over the years and use a variety of techniques: mainly fusing but also torchwork/lampwork and more recently Vitrigraph, in order to be able to create unusual inclusions for my hanging pieces and glass plaques known as “Fractaala”®.

Fractaala® are designed to decorate a garden/landscape setting as a focal point or light catcher.

They are made from murrini (also known as millefiori) which are pieces of chopped glass cane which I make/pull myself from my vitrigraph kiln. A wide variety of colours and combinations are possible.

A lot of cane and many murrini must be made before they are then placed together and fused (twice).

Each Fractaala® is named after an island around the world (something within the piece will resonate with its island name) and is completely unique. Each is engraved accordingly on the reverse side.

Juliette Derwent

Juliette Derwent

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