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Guadalupe Charlone

Guadalupe Charlone is a Mexican sculptor who has developed new skills and techniques over the last 40 years to widen the type of materials and media to her artwork.

Guadalupe always knew that she wanted to be an artist even when she was a child as she was astonished that a person could create beauty and dreamed of creating art herself, despite her parent’s opposition and she persevered to achieve her dream.

Guadalupe started drawing and painting but she felt that another dimension was missing in her work and exploring with materials, decided that sculpting was her way forward.

Sculpting is her passion, experimenting with different materials is challenging and touching and moulding the stone or the fusion of glass, satisfy her and give her joy. Each new material is an opportunity to create something different, and trial and error, helps her push a little further in her experimenting.

The variety of material she uses, highlights her love for art in any shape or form. When working with natural materials she takes inspiration from the imperfections of each piece and for example letting the stone tell her what is hidden inside it. Metal and the vast possibilities with shapes and volume that can be created from it, is immense. Wood, glass, ceramic, mixed media and resins help create intricate piece of artwork.

Guadalupe’s Inspiration comes from her observance of the world around her, from a cloud, the ocean waves, the wings of an insect to everyday objects and people.

When her work is exposed and she listen to the comments of people who visit and appreciate her artwork feels rewarded and fulfiled from the observer admiration of her work.

Guadalupe is now in her early 80’s and her artwork has been exposed in México, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Uruguay and Dubai and pieces of her artwork are treasured in many homes and museums around the world.

Guadalupe Charlone

Guadalupe Charlone

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