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OSG New scheme for Membership fees – Clarifications

As you are aware from previous communications, the OSG are moving across to a new method of collecting membership fees and exhibition entry fees which has benefits for us all. An email with a “Link” to the GoCardless direct debit system was sent to all our members, with a reminder subsequently sent to those who had not yet replied. However, there are still a number of you who have not yet followed the “Link” and completed the details required. It would seem that there may be a few misconceptions that may be causing the slow take up and I would like to address them now.

  • Whilst the email might seem to indicate that payment will be immediate, the first membership fee payment will not be taken until January 2024. All of you have paid for this year.

  • Some of our members are also with the Surrey Sculpture Society who have been using this scheme for a number of years. Although both schemes are run by GoCardless, the two schemes are completely separate entities and therefore a new mandate for OSG is required.

  • In future, starting with the Greys Court exhibition in June, exhibition entry fees will be collected by the new scheme. You will no longer be required to make the payment yourself and it will be automatically processed, under advice, once selection for the exhibition has been confirmed.

  • All forthcoming payments will be advised to you in advance by email. Funds will not be taken without prior notice.

  • The scheme is protected under both the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme and the General Data Protection Regulations and therefore you are fully protected.

It is important that all our members participate in the scheme and join as soon as possible. This way, the benefits of the scheme both to our members and to the OSG will be achieved sooner.

If you are still outstanding and cannot find the original email with the “Link”, a new one will be sent to you in the next few days.


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