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Further information about exhibiting at Turrill Sculpture Garden

This is a follow-up message to the one sent on 18th October (original message below).

Veronica Dudley has been in touch with Turrill about exhibiting here in April-May 2024 and learnt that their commission on sales will be 25%. In addition there is a charge of £100 which is their standard rate for holding an exhibition here. This charge would be split between all the artists taking part in the exhibition at this time.

If you are thinking of exhibiting at Turrill Sculpture Gardens April-May 2023, please get in touch with Veronica (email:

Remember that OSG will not be managing this exhibition at Turrill exhibition and exhibiting artists will need to make arrangements directly with the venue.

Original message 18/10/23:

There is an opportunity for artists in Oxfordshire to exhibit at the Turrill Sculpture Garden in Oxford next April and May 2024.

If any sculptors are interested please contact Katherine Shock by e-mail (, mentioning that you are a member of Oxford Sculptors Group.

OSG had thought about running an exhibition at the Turrill, but it was decided that with other exhibition commitments next year that it would not be viable. We have agreed with Turrill to advertise the opportunity to exhibit here among our members.


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